Treekit Guide to Working Safely in Trees

Here at TREEKIT we provide a range of services to ensure your safety. Take your first step and read our


Then take your pick from our range of services or give us a call for more information.

Equipment Management Workshop

We run a Workshop that tells you everything you need to know about Good Equipment Management. It covers all these areas and you’ll learn how TREEKIT can help you manage your equipment for you.


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Equipment Inspections

TREEKIT can carry out your Thorough Inspections for you. We also offer Insertion Checks on all new equipment. We charge £45 to inspect an average bag of kit up to 30 items including one rope and one harness. Extra ropes and harnesses are £5 per item. We charge £65 to inspect a large bag of kit up to 50 items including 3 ropes and one harness.

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Full Equipment Management Service

If you prefer Treework to Paperwork why not let TREEKIT do all the work for you. For a set up fee of £42 per average bag of kit and £62 for a large bag of kit we will put all your details on to our electronic system and take on all the hard work from there. We will give you online access to our system to log your weekly inspections and we will remind you when your Thorough Inspections are due well in advance and book your kit in so its only with us for 24 hours.

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