Single rope technique (SRT) is a set of methods used to descend and ascend on the same single rope. Single rope technique is used by arborists using roped access for tree climbing.

For ascent (or prusiking), cammed devices or ascenders are used that can be pushed up the rope but lock and hold the climber’s weight when a downward force is applied. Three popular prusik systems are used by arborists and these are introduced on this day workshop; a sit-stand system using a chest ascender and two rope walk systems using a foot ascender and a knee ascender.

The course also covers safe single rope descent teaching the arborist the safest ways to use the correct ropes, knots, devices, safety cords and Karabiners for a clean single rope descent.

Attendees will have a hands-on practical experience learning the theory, the devices and the ropes and using them in the trees on the day. This is an extremely popular course and open to arborists of all levels and abilities. You will not only learn new techniques but you’ll get to meet other arborists and share tips and experiences as the day progresses.

Terry and Ben are both very experienced users of SRT in their daily work and enthuse about all the latest developments whilst having a real focus on safety.

If you’ve attended this course already or are also experienced in the use of SRT why not check out our Advanced SRT Workshop which covers more complex areas such as work positioning, base anchors and re-directs.

Cost £39 (exc VAT) to include lunch.

Watch the course in action…