Equipment Inspections


All the kit that you use for climbing, rigging or lifting needs to be inspected on a regular basis. In order to comply with the law and to make sure your insurance is valid you need to ensure that you organise the following checks and inspections:

WE can provide you with an Insertion Check of any new kit you buy.

YOU need to carry out visual checks of you equipment every time you use it.

YOU need to carry out weekly checks and log that you have done so.

WE can carry out a Thorough Inspection of your kit every 6 months.

Insertion Checks

When you buy a new piece of kit and intend to start using it, you must record its serial number and/or give it a unique identification number and have it checked for safe use. This is its Insertion Check and is an essential first step in the process for maintaining that equipment’s history.

We can carry out all your Insertion Checks for you. We charge between £3 and £5 for an Insertion Check depending on the complexity of the item. Below is a rough guide:

Simple Items e.g. Karabiners, Slings, Cambium Savers, Hitchcords                             £3 (exc VAT)

More complex items e.g. Pulleys, Friction Devices,                                                       £5 – £8 (exc VAT)

Large items e.g. Harnesses, Helmets                                                                           £12 – £15 (exc VAT)

If you buy your item from TREEKIT we will provide an Insertion Check                        FREE OF CHARGE


How the Inspections Process Works

If your kit is not already on our system you will need to fill in your company details and all the relevant serial numbers and identification numbers of each piece of equipment along with their purchase dates, start of use dates and copies of your regular maintenance checks in to an Inventory. Download an EQUIPMENT INVENTORY AND INSPECTION SUMMARY FORM

Once we’ve agree the items to be inspected we will run through our simple Terms and Conditions with you so that there are no surprises. (See our WORKING SAFELY IN TREES SAMPLE TERMS AND CONDITIONS) This document ensures that you have understood your responsibilities and are happy with the way that we will look after your equipment and keep it safe and secure. Once we’ve both signed up we can proceed with the inspections.

Our Inspectors will complete an individual checklist for each piece of equipment. If there are any issues with anything we will record these on the sheet. Our Inspector will classify each individual item as;

  • Good – the item is FIT and has passed its inspection
  • To Monitor – the item is FIT and has passed its inspection BUT needs to be monitored (monitoring checks to be carried out and recorded by you) and returned for a further inspection at a stated date
  • To Repair – the item is UNFIT and has failed its inspection BUT could pass a further inspection once repaired.
  • Reject – the item is UNFIT, has failed its inspection and must be destroyed.

Items that have passed their inspection will be returned to you along with the outcome ticked on your Inventory.

Items that have not passed their inspection will placed in quarantine until we have discussed the item with you and have decided on a course of action.

If an item has not passed its inspection but is subsequently repaired, it will need a new inspection and the process will start again from the beginning. It will be deemed FIT or UNFIT subsequent to the second inspection.

Depending on the kit itself and its manufacturer’s instructions, it will need to be inspected regularly and your Inventory will include the date that its next inspection is due.

Once you have taken back your gear and received your Inventory you can continue to monitor records and ongoing inspections yourself or we can do it for you.

To read more detail about this process, quarantine, disposal or how to appeal a decision read our TREEKIT WORKING SAFELY IN TREES CUSTOMER GUIDE

How to Avoid Your Equipment Failing a Thorough Inspection

There are certain no-brainers that will help your equipment pass its inspection. The list below is a quick guide to help you avoid the pitfalls

  • Avoid putting stickers on your kit
  • Bring in clean kit for inspection
  • Bring in all your paperwork that relates to the kit plus records of your own checks and inspections
  • Talk to us about the kit before you hand it over to us
  • Attend our Wokshop, let us help you with your record keeping and generally keep up to date with the law and what is needed. If in doubt ask us, we’re here to help.


1 Average Climbing Kit to include up to 30 items, one rope and one harness      £45 (exc VAT)

1 Large Climbing Kit to include 30 – 50 items, three ropes and one harness        £65 (exc VAT)

1 Average Rigging Kit to include up to 10 items, and three ropes                         £45 (exc VAT)

1 Large Rigging Kit to include 10 – 20 items and six ropes                                   £65 (exc VAT)

Extra Rope or Harness per item                                                                             £5 (exc VAT) 

Extra small items such as Karabiners, Pulleys, Hitchcords etcper item                 £3 (exc VAT)

Extra large/complex items such as Friction Devices, Spliced Lanyards                 £5 (exc VAT)